Friday, October 1, 2010

Wait am I dead?

No not really. I've just been so busy that I didn't follow on my promises.

So there's no Part 2, my trip to New York City has has come and gone, I'm now 21 years old, and taking college. Oh and I've been playing video games.

So during my time away, I was actually thinking of doing a written review of Metroid: Other M and other games afterwards, but there's one slight problem w/ the game. And that is THE GAME IS SO CHEAP AND THE FINAL BOSS IS SO HARD IS UNBEARABLE! Now let me explain. Other M lets you play the game w/ the Wii remote on it's side ala NES style. Whenever there's an object in your way that you can't blast w/ your regular beam, you go into first person mode by pointing the Wiimote towards the screen. You point at the said object and it'll shoot Missiles, Super Missiles, and on occasion, a Charge Beam at a specific target. Oh and you can't move while you're in first person. Throughout the game I had no problem w/ this mechanic. There were times that I wish Team Ninja, the developers of Other M, would've added the Nunchuk so the time to point the Wiimote to the screen is cut to no time at all, especially when it comes to boss fights since it can so frantic that the game takes a bit of time rendering that the Wiimote is pointing the screen.

Here's the problem I had w/ the game. I'm at the final boss. Samus (the player) is in a room where she can barely move around because the boss is huge enough it takes the middle portion of the room. Right at the start of the fight, the boss hatches a metroid, an alien life-form that sucks the life of anything it sees and contacts. The only way Samus can let go from the metroid is the use of her power bomb. The only to kill a metroid is by freezing it w/ the freeze beam, and shoot it w/ a good charged Super Missile. Back to the fight. The boss hatches a metroid the second the fight starts, then two more 30 sec. later, than three more before the first minute is up. Time so very limited and not to mention the metroids can out-run you and grab you before you can stop and take a good charging shot at one of them. Or the game can screw over your shot, and instead point at the boss itself. And even if you get one of them frozen, you have very limited time to shoot the frozen metroid before you get grabbed by one of the other metorids. Not to mention the game takes a full second to register you pointing the Wiimote on screen. You see where I'm going w/ this? The boss is hard enough as it is, but when you have a lot of distractions going on around you, you can't focus on the boss alone. It's so frustrating and so annoying and I hate it!

Anyways I wanted to fill in something for this blog so I know it still exists and probably do something good w/ it. Maybe this weekend I'll make another post, giving my final thoughts on an anime show that has caught my attention this whole summer and a story about a kid and a very weird Majora's Mask cartridge. And who would have thought it's October. And yes, they are Horror related.

Also as of today, I can officially say I have both a Facebook and a Twitter. I tried to resist twitter for a long time until one of my close friends gets one, and today is the day that happened. So yeah. Friend me, follow me, whatever. Have a good day.


P.S. Apparently someone took my name on twitter so I had to put the_real_jnp08 so no one would confuse w/ the other jnp08 twitter.

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