Friday, October 15, 2010

Author's Note: My Journey in The World of Dead: Week 1

I'm trying to do this thing where I'm setting up a world to fit w/ my Halloween costume. It's also to see if I can build an interesting story w/ whatever kind of context I have. I put a lot of thought into and I hope you all will enjoy it. This was meant to be done this past Saturday, but due to difficult of being an lazy ass and hw, I didn't got it done in time.

Week 2 on the other hand will hopefully be done tomorrow morning or evening. The problem w/ this one is that tomorrow is Extra Life day where gamers will be playing video games for 24 hr. straight in the name of charity. It's a great cause since anyone can participate and donate. I don't have a donate page to call my own, but if you want to read more information on how you can donate or participate, go right to this link and read more about the event. See parents of the world? Video games aren't the biggest waste of time.

Anyways, have fun reading My Journey in The World of Dead.


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