Friday, September 23, 2011


Yeah it's been over a whole month since PAX Prime 2011. Sorry I didn't post my return way sooner, but 2 things happened:

-There was an Asura's Wrath Scream Booth (pics to prove) where anyone can unleash their inner rage. I tried this on the first day there, and well 2 screams nearly made me lose my voice, so I couldn't speak normally for a good 3 weeks. Yeah it was painful, but it was worth it since I had a bad summer and I want to let it all out.
-College semester started not too long afterwards where I've been hitting the books like mad.

So I won't guarantee you day-to-day coverage of the whole event, but I can give you guys my montage of what I filmed. And don't forget pictures here. So stay tuned and by next week hopefully I'll have the montage on my YouTube channel.

See you all then.