Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why haven't I posted anything recently? (Part 1)

Well a few things have distracted me that it killed my overall schedule I planned for June.

First, I was planning doing a review of an multi-platform game called Red Dead Redemption and a comparison/thoughts on Evangelion 1.01 (DVD) and 1.11 (Blu-Ray). Soon after that I would write a Super Mario Galaxy 2 review, but that got shoot down too. Once that was done I would do quick reviews of digital games I find on Xbox Live or PlayStation Network like Final Fantasy IX or Snoopy's Flying Ace. That plan, like the others, never happened.

So what's been holding me up? Well the most important thing is life happened. In more ways than one. Work makes the pay good, but it can be painful at times. Family matters that really would've not been a matter if only I were a year older. And a good friend of mine has got me into two shows that I really like. The two shows are an classic science-fiction show that became the flagship franchise of the channel that once called itself Sci-Fi, and an anime show that totally changed my perspcive on it.

Stargate SG-1: Okay so that same friend let me watch the Stargate movie that spawned the show, but once it was out of the way and after watching the first two episodes, I was hooked. I can see why it has a cult-following. I like the idea of having the Stargate team go to different worlds and learn from what each world has to offer. It makes good time to develop the main characters and how each member plays key essential roles. I'm only 5 episodes in, but sooner or later the show must go back to the main plot it set itself up in the first episode.

NANA: Whenever I look up anime shows on websites like Hulu, they show a picture on the top of the page to give you a perspective on what the show is. When I first saw the picture for NANA, my first thought that it's a drama show. And I was nearly right. What's about is there are two main characters and both happen to be named Nana. After their first meet-up in a rail train to Tokyo during a blizzard, the two split and met again near the end of the first episode, sharing the same apartment. The first Nana we meet (Posh-Nana as I call her) is a hyper, go-getter, caring, expressive woman w/ a pure heart. The other Nana (Rocker-Nana) is the chick that's more than meets the eye. Despite looking the rock-goth type, she's has every same equivalent to Posh-Nana, but has a attitude to boot if you get on her bad side, and a voice that can rock a thousand faces. What will really draw you in is the story of both Nana's backstories and what follows after the two meet. And the intro for the first 20 episodes is awesome. It may be 1:40 long, but it sounds like what would happen if The Material's vocalist turn it up to 11. The lyrics are half-Japanese/half-English and it might be a bit gibberish, but I've never been so pumped for an intro since Death Note's intros. Give NANA a shot and maybe you'll like it too.

While I like to continue on what else I've been doing, I'll make another post later on when the sun comes up and I'm not tired. Check back for part 2 later...would you kindly.